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Cooking Your Holiday Turkey with Lamborghini Aventador Flames, Epic!

lamborghini aventador holiday turkey

Not everyone has what it takes to cook a turkey with this kind of style. You need a few key ingredients, including a pitchfork, a large turkey, and a Lamborghini Aventador LP760  tweaked by Oakley. The Lamborghini spits flames when revved, prompting Tim of Shmee150 take a shot at cooking his holiday turkey under the flames. While we have serious doubts the turkey was truly cooked by the flinching arms of Tim, we admire the originality and the concept. The roaring thunder of the Lamborghini sets your adrenalin levels on high, and seeing Tim sink his teeth into that juicy turkey drumstick gets the mouth watering, too.

If happen to have a Lamborghini in your driveway, we would love to hear your results on sizzling a turkey via exhaust flames, but we are not sure we want a taste. Tim at Shmee150 on YouTube always comes up with clever ways to showcase the hottest cars in the world, but this time the heat was not in speed, but in the flames to grill a bird.

Via Shmee150 on YouTube