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Hula Hoops Mounted GoPro Cams and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – A Match Made in Heaven

gopro hula hoop

GoPro Cams are found on almost everything now. We see police, firemen, and every day people using them, but whoever came up with the idea to mount one on a Hula Hoop and hand it to a group of bikini clad Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is the most brilliant of all. The only thing that might be better is being inside the hoop with them. The laughing beautiful faces are only trumped by their sexy bodies in motion. They may not spin the hoop in traditional format, but who cares? Their spinning and turning with the hoop, keeping the camera trained on themselves in one of the coolest “selfie” movies of the new year.

Now we just have one added question. Where else can those cheerleaders take the GoPro to give us our next exciting adventure?