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Let It Rain from Tropfest Australia

let it rain

OMG! Be prepared to grab onto your sides in pain from all the laughter. The “Let It Rain” video presented at Tropfest Australia is a classic that every man will understand perfectly and will leave every woman shaking their head in horror and disbelief.

We all know that lurking inside everyone of us guys is a little boy, a secret agent, and a super hero all rolled into one incredible being that can do battle with evil forces lurking around every corner. “Let It Rain” shows exactly what happens when a bunch of guys unleash their imagination into the real world, creating total funtastic chaos.

After you watch this video only two thoughts will cross your mind, “Simply Stupendous”, and “Who do I know that wants to play?” Be honest, don’t you know that is exactly how you’d like to spend a day with some buddies, your brothers, and maybe even your dad? It would be a blast breaking loose from the confines of being serious and taking some time to get “really serious”.

The only remaining questions, would you create a piss balloon to win the battle? Would you have the guts to video tape your play and share it with the world? We’re all waiting to see the fun creations as men go wild around the planet unleashing their inner secret agent and little boy.