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Fearless Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Gets Pranked by The Walking Dead, Literally

zombie prank

GetFOXed, Fox TV’s newest adventure at connecting superfans and TV stars just pulled off one of the most epic pranks. They teamed up with Nick Santonastasso, a huge fan of the show who is missing both legs and one arm to pull off a stunning prank of Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Nick and the crew prepped to capture Reedus while he shopped. Reedus was oblivious to the plan until a wild-eyed Nick came scootching down the floor in full zombie horror to attack him. In un-hero-like behavior Reedus screams, throws items, and runs for cover. What happened to the Zombie fighting hero.

The prank was posted on Vine and will be highlighted on GetFOXed.

Via Redeye Chicago and Nick’s Two Vine Videos Here and Here