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Opening A Bottle of Wine without a Corkscrew in 20 Seconds


It happens to almost all of us. You buy a bottle of wine for the holidays, to take to a friends, or for some other event, and then cannot find that stupid corkscrew anywhere. You dread the idea of picking out the cork and dropping pieces into the wine. It is just as bad to push the cork in and watch it floating in your wine. In this short video you will see one of the cleverest ways to get the cork out of the bottle in just a few simple seconds, assuming you are wearing your shoes.

Imagine all of that frustration you felt before was wasted. You could have opened the bottle in seconds, had a great laugh, and enjoyed wine immediately. Besides, aren’t the best wines stomped by foot anyways?

Via Mirabeau Wine on YouTube / Photo via Swanson Vineyards