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Science Says Sleeping on The Job May Lead to Higher Productivity. Probably The Best News Ever!

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Have you ever nodded off in class or on the job? You wake up with a fear of getting in trouble and a little embarrassed that you nodded off, so you pump your body with a little more coffee, a Coke, or an energy drink. What does science say you should do? In the following video you learn that the ideal thing to rejuvenate your energy and increase your mental and physical productivity is a short nape of no longer than 30 minutes. A power nap of ten minutes can pay big dividends.

Now, we will leave it up to you to convince your boss, teacher, or professor of the necessity of your power nap, but you could always try to catch one on your lunch hour and boost productivity for the entire afternoon. Just remember, avoid sleeping over 30 minutes of the biggest benefit.

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