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Sriracha, The Origin Story Of An Iconic Hot Sauce Finally Revealed!

sriracha documentary

What is it about this incredible sauce that has it rising in popularity on a daily basis? Sriracha sauce is quickly climbing the ranks of most popular condiments with many expecting it to become the third or fourth most popular condiment in the USA in the near future. Sizzling Sriracha stirs our imagination and induces creativity in the kitchen unlike any other condiment we own. Is that enough excitement to make a movie? A pay to view movie? Griffin Hammond thought it was, so he dug in deep to come up with facts, stories, and exciting uses for Sriracha to share with the world in the Sriracha Movie. He even traveled to the Sriracha factory to create the movie, due to the success of the KickStarter project to fund the movie. Yes, there were that many people interested in seeing the movie created.

You can watch the movie trailer here, and then jump over the Griffin’s Sriracha Move website to toss in your $5 to watch the entire 33 minute documentary.

Via The Sriracha Movie