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The Athletic Strength and Competitive Force of Ballet from Misty Copeland


Do you think of ballet as magical, elegant, and beautiful dance performed by dainty dancers? Take a moment to watch this amazing video from Misty Copeland, created as part of Under Armour’s new advertising campaign, and you will have a new appreciation for these athletic artists. Misty’s body, movements, and story gives us a deeper understanding of the real competitive and gruelling aspect of the ballet. Her body is as powerful and impressive as any female athlete and her story even more dramatic.

Imagine at just 13 years old being told you are too old to start. Your body is not right. You will never achieve your goals. Misty Copeland heard all of those things and instead of quitting, she battled for her dreams. Misty Copeland eventually reached the pinnacle of her craft when selected to be a solo performer for the American Ballet Theater.