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What if Guys and Girls Swapped Roles in the Gym, Absolutely Epic Outcome!

guys girls swap roles gym

The Flip Side is back with another classic role reversal video showing us exactly how the gym would change if men and women swapped roles. Imagine women pushing for that one last rep, grunting out their effort with their spotter hurling insults at them. Don’t laugh gentlemen. We are not the ones checking out our butt in the mirror, fixing our hair, and hitting the weights with those cute pink 3 pound dumbbells. You need to make sure you look your best, too. The women have joined our aerobics dance class so they can check out our bods while we exercise. You’ll notice them hanging out at the back of the class so they can check out all the guys without appearing too obvious.

Guys, if you struggle with form, no worries. A handsome chick will drop by in moments to illustrate the proper form while running her hands down your body. Role reversal is hell, and hilarious. too.

Via The Flip Side on Yahoo