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Bell & Ross Aviation Collection Watches

bell ross aviation collection

Bell & Ross is going to have every pilot, flight enthusiast, and flight simulator player desperate to grab on of their new Aviation Collection Watches. The watches are based on their Carbon watch in their standard Aviation series, but these collectibles go a new direction. This group of 3 new watches includes the Heading, Air Speed, and Climb Speed watches. The Heading watch is highlighted with a compass dial and outline airplane. The Air Speed watch uses a dial that looks just like an air speed dial gauge from a modern airplane. The Climb Speed has a more traditional watch dial, but includes directional arrows and a Climb label.

What makes this even more exciting is that Bell & Ross is offering you an amazing opportunity. You can grab these 3 watches, plus their 3 from last year, The Horizon, Altimeter, and Turn Coordinator, in a six watch bundle. Obviously, not everyone is going to want a complete bundle. You can buy the individual watches, but make sure you move quick. Each watch is limited to 999 production pieces, which will restrict the number of 6 watch bundles.

The price for the individual watches and bundle have not been announced, so you will want to keep a close eye on the Bell & Ross website.