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Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Watch

ford shinola 50th anniversary mustang watch

What is one of the things you love about the Ford Mustang? Is it the fact it is made in the USA? When Ford went in search of someone to create their 50th Anniversary Watch they insisted it would be created by a US designer and manufacturer. They chose Shinola as their partner to create a watch that symbolized the 50 years Mustang history.

Shinola has captured the spirit of the Mustang perfectly. The watch has clean lines, a simple design, reasonable luxury, durability, and understated power. The Mustang logo is displayed prominently on the face of the watch placed right below the 12. Only 1,000 of these collector watches are being produced. Amazingly, this high-quality collectors edition watch is priced at only $700. Kind of reminds you of the Mustang. A great car, priced right for the masses, that everyone wants.

Via CoolMaterial and Ford Club Merchandise