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Hublot MP-02 Key of Time King Gold Watch

hublot mp02 key of time king gold watch

Take a close look at the Hublot MP-02 Key of  Time watch. What do you see? Does your eye catch the beauty of the 18K gold case? Do you appreciate the tiny watch face behind the glare resistant crystal? Do you notice the tough rubber watch band that looks elegant and provides comfort and endurance. If you look closer you notice the HUB9002 self-winding movement that powers the watch. The watch is luxurious, gorgeous, and unique. But did your mind come up with the same thought as mine? That watch face looks eerily like C-3PO winking at you.

This Hublot watch is 100% fabulous, but may grab a little interest from Star Wars fans who see the same hidden face. They better move fast because this watch is sure to disappear off the market rapidly since Hublot is only making 30 of these great watches.

Via Hublot