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IWC Aquatimer Deep Two Watch

iwc aquatimer deep two watch

You can find diving watches all over the place priced from a few dollars to over $100,000, but are they equipped for a real diver’s explorations? The IWC Aquatimer is a watch dedicated to providing a diver with everything they need. It gives them waterproof operation down to 12 bar, or for us non-nautical types 108 meters. This is just the first important feature for a diver. The watch tracks your current depth in the ocean, you maximum depth achieved on the dive, and your time in the brine. The watch can take over all of your critical dive calculations if your dive computer fails to make sure you surface at the proper speed and while you have plenty of oxygen left.

$16,000 is a bargain price for a watch on this caliber with features to save a diver’s life.