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Jaquet Droz Charming Bird Watch

jaquet droz charming bird watch

Jaquet Droz creates some of the most intriguing watches in the world, and to celebrate their 275th anniversary, they have released a watch that may leave you speechless. You have probably looked at high-end watches before and thought the people spending the money were cuckoo, but now you are going to see a watch that embodies that ideal. The Charming Bird watch from Jaquet Droz has a tiny cuckoo bird built into the watch as part of the movement. This is not an extreme from this innovative watch company. Their watches are well known for intricate artistic designs. This recent edition to their Art Workshops collection exhibits the amazing creations of talented watchmakers and artists. Watch as the bird moves in its tiny dance within the watch.

No price is mentioned on the Jaquet Droz website, but for once, this is a watch that a cuckoo price might be appropriate.



Via URDesign and Jaquet Droz