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Kobe Bryant & Hublot King Power Black Mamba Chronograph

kobe bryant hublot king power black mamba chronograph

When Hublot got the opportunity to make a collaborative creation with Kobe Bryant they pulled out all the stops. They chose their toughest, most durable, timepiece to match Kobe’s tenacity. They used a dial that is created from several layers of perfection to match Kobe’s play on the basketball court.

Then they started tweaking and evolving the watch into a true work of craftsmanship and showmanship like no other. Kind of reminds you of the hours, days, weeks, months, and years Kobe has spent fine-tuning and perfecting his game. The biggest difference is this watch is nearly indestructible, while Kobe occasionally is dinged with an injury.

The watch highlights Kobe’s jersey number 24 in place of the 6 on the dial. The watch face includes the Kobe signature snake, ready to strike. The watch blends titanium, black ceramic, tungsten, rhodium plating, and composites to complete the look. The movement is the HUB 4248 self-winding mechanical chronograph, renowned for keeping great time.

Hublot is limiting the production of this watch to only 250 pieces. If you are watch lover and a big Kobe fan, you need to make your drive to the hoop right away and score one of these watches. Before you rush out to place your order, be aware the price is not officially announced, but Hublot watches normally sell for between $20,000 and $30.000 apiece, of course that’s only about a seventh of what Kobe makes per game, a real value.

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