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Ladoire Black Widow Watch

ladoire rgt collection titanium

Seductive and deadly! The new Ladoire Black Widow watches have that appeal that draw you in and then stuns you with its venomous magic. The Black Widow is a series of 4 watches coming from the Ladouire designers. The four watches in the Black Widow series are Mr. Green, Mr. Ice, Mr. Race, and Mr. Grey. Each watch is very reflective of their name.

The Mr. Green watch uses green numbering, green supports in the watches mechanism which is visible through both the top crystal and the glass back. Mr. Ice is crafted from black and silver titanium to chill your blood. Mr. Race switches to a bold racing red with a 38 ruby jewels. Mr. Grey is the all business version of the watch with grey highlights and a more serious tone. All the watches share the Calvet/02 watch mechanism and sport all leather straps.

Each of the 4 series are limited to 12 units and have an estimated price of $120,000. How hard did that black widow bite you? The Ladoire Black Widow Series are incredible time pieces.

Via Ladoire