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Linde Werdelin Montre Spidolite Watch

linde werdelin montre spidolite watch

What happens when you take the Swiss precision and combine it with Danish ingenuity?  You come up with a Sports Watch unlike any other in the world, the Linde Werdelin-Montre Spidolite Watch.

Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin used titanium to create their vision of what a sports watch should be.  They are both known for their insistence of functionality, exacting craftsmanship, and high quality and it shows in every detail of this watch. 

This rugged watch can be purchased as the dive unit or the ski unit and can take the beating.  It is just as comfortable being on the wrist of the sportsman during a hard day of fun as it is heading out on the town at night.

This hardened durable watch looks the part with the flat black color offset by the great looking gold watch face.  The watch is highly accurate as you would expect from any Swiss movement.

The watch retails for 5753 Euro or about 8000 USD.

Via The Fancy Purchase at LeClairEur