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Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Watch

magrettemoana pacific professional watch

Quiet! There is a secret in the luxury watch market. A watch that has features and appearance matching some of the most prized watches on the market. The Magrette Moana Pacific Professional is new addition to the Moana family of everyday wear watches. Watches built with style, rugged strength, and are in limited supply. These exclusive watches are limited to 200 of each colored variety, 750 of the black PVC, and no more than 500 of the rose metal edition. What is the big secret?

These fantastic time pieces sell for $595, a tenth of many luxury watches and an even smaller slice than the watches from top suppliers. If you have dreamed of having a watch that is luxurious, accurate, and still rugged, it is time to move quickly before Magrette figures out they are producing magic.

Via Magrette and Bless This Stuff