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Perrelet Turbine Snake Watch

perrelet turbine snake watch

Coiled ready to strike, ruby red eyes glaring out from behind a spinning turbine. That is just an oversight of the powerful imagery embodied in the Perrelet Turbine Snake Watch. The watch was designed to celebrate the positive aspects of year of the Snake, but this watch will be equally loved by men who want a watch with powerful toughness. The Perrelet Turbine Sanke Watch is guaranteed to grab attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. The rotating turbine’s motion will capture their eyes and the snake keeps their attention locked. This impressive looking watch is limited to run of only 99 watches, so ¬†you can be confident you will be the only one in your area wearing one.

Current rumor place the price of the Perrelet Turbine Snake Watch at a highly reasonable $7880.


Via Luxatic and Perrelet