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Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Watch

romain jerome moon orbiter watch

The entire Moon DNA series from Romain Jerome is incredible, but the new Moon Orbiter watch may be the most exciting addition to the family so far. The watch is huge. It measures 49 mm wide, 45 mm high, and 20 mm thick. The wide watch face will have you wondering if you are wearing a watch of a wrist communicator for your next space mission. This fascinating watch carries a few grains of moon dust just like every watch in the Moon DNA series, but that is not will grab your attention the most.

The watch’s floating tourbillon will have you looking from every angle to see how it works and floats so smoothly in the watch. The entire movement of the watch is fun to watch. ┬áIf you want a watch the grabs attention, the new Moon Orbiter will get the job done. Make sure your American Express card has a high limit before shopping though. The announced price of the watch is $115,000.

Via Romain Jerome