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Sinn 140 A Limited Edition Space Chronograph Watch

sinn 140 a space chronograph limited edition

If you like the look of the Sinn 140 A Space Chronograph, you need to move fast. The watch is limited to 500 pieces that will sell out quickly. Previous versions of the Sinn 140 created history when they were worn into space. German physicist, Reinhard Fuhrer, wore is Sinn 140 on his journey to the SpaceLab in 1985 to test if automatic watches would continue to function properly in zero gravity environments.

In 1992, Klaus-Dietrich Flade wore his Sinn 142 on the Mir 92 mission. Both watches worked flawlessly in the weightless confines of space, and provide perfect timekeeping on earth’s surface, too.

The Sinn 140 A case is made from polished and satinized stainless steel to provide strength, durability, and long-lasting beauty. The┬ácase uses the TEGIMENT technology to reduce the chances of scratches.┬áThe watch utilizes Sinn’s Ar-Dehudifying technology to make sure the crystal never becomes fogged. The watch weight 118 grams and is only 15mm thick.

The watch is priced at approximately $5000 by WatchBuys, and official Sinn reseller. If you want a watch with historical roots, great timekeeping, a durable case, and outstanding quality, the Sinn 140 A is a great option.

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