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Titanic SteamPunk Black Watch from Romain Jerome

titanic steampunk watch romain jerome

Romain Jerome is well-known for incredible time-keeping creations and this is another amazing success. The Titanic SteamPunk Black Watch starts with an intriguing case. The case is created with Titanic stabilized rusted steel. Yes, it is rusted steel that has been treated to stop the rusting and make it both strong and magnificent. The rusted effect gives the watch texture, variable colors, and ensures every watch is unique.

The Titanic SteamPunk is limited to 100 watches, so if you are interested you need to check into it fast. You’ll love the small rusted propeller down at the 6 o’clock position. The dial is actually integrated right into the dial to make it strong and adds to the rusted industrial appearance.┬áThis Romain Jerome masterpiece is rumored to be selling for almost $16,000. Thankfully, for that price you get to choose whether you want a crocodile leather wristband or black rubber. The watch uses a self-winding movement so you never have to worry about winding or changing batteries.

Every piece of this watch stays on theme of creating a magnificent tribute to the rusty resting place of the Titanic. You can almost imagine it being under water for decades with its worn and weathered appearance.

Via Romain Jerome